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Simplify saving the Barefoot Money way.

Money. They say it’s the root of all evil. It could even be true. But money doesn’t care what we think. It knows that we always need it.

Money is the thing we need to live life. It gets us milk for our coffee, petrol for the car and just about everything we like to wear, eat and do. There is no getting away from money.

Money isn’t the problem. Saving it is.

The day we really need money to do something special and important it is not there.  Like mum always says, “money’s easy come, easy go“.

Dream (goal setting), 30%
Tightarse (save money), 40%
Hustle (earn more money), 30%
Of Aussies don't save money
Average weekly spend for under 35s
Median Australian House Price

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Barefoot Money is determined to change the way Millenials do money, life and savings. So, while we’re all waiting to win the lottery (which secretly we all are) Barefoot Money’s passion is going in to debunking the misconceptions and mindsets that stop us from growing our bank balances.

Barefoot Money firmly believes every individual has the power to save, for whatever you want in life. We want to help everyone realise that the buck stops with you. That you have what it takes to control your money. Even if you’re earning peanuts – time is on your side when it comes to accumulating healthy savings.

Saving the Barefoot Money way has 3 simple steps. When followed, they lead you to financial nirvana:

Step one - DREAM
If you can dream it you can do it. Set your financial course.

Step two – TIGHTARSE
You’re in the game. Play to win. Plan your attack.

Step three – HUSTLE
Make Money! Earn harder, better, faster, stronger.  

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