Does goal setting save money?

Goal setting saves money by giving you a purpose. Without a goal it is too easy to live in the moment, spending whatever you have. With a defined goal in mind there is a good reason to keep money aside. Goal setting is the difference between having dreams and living them.   


Where is the best Budget Calculator online?

A good budget calculator will return a sense of control to your finances. It is one of the best tools you can use when you’re dreaming of saving money. A budget calculator keeps you accountable to you, tracking when money is coming and going. 

There are lots of budget calculators out there on the internet. Barefoot Money has done the legwork to rate the best budget calculators created for Australians, so you can reach your money goals sooner. 


How do I stop worrying about money?

Worrying about money is a universal problem. At some stage we’ve all felt the stress of it. It feels like there is just not enough to cover all of your financial obligations. Or for your age, you think you should have your shit together i.e. loads of money by now. 


What should I save money for?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Deciding on goals to save for is almost impossible. How do you know if it is better to go on a backpacking adventure for a year, or save towards something sensible and practical like a house deposit? A decision has to be made or time will flow on. Through indecision, you will get nothing at all. 

You need to face up to the challenge and make a call.