How much does it cost to live in Melbourne?

The costs of living in Melbourne are pretty high. But (there is always a ‘but’) if you choose reign in your wild spending habits, there will be money left over at the end of the week. For newcomers to the greatest city in the Southern Hemisphere or if this your first-time-out-of-home, this article is going to help you make better choices. Do the right stuff and you can create an amazing life in “the most liveable city in the world.” 


How can I save money fast?

Knowing how to save money fast is an amazing skill. It’s a superpower for crushing debts or paying for a honeymoon. To take your savings account from zero to superhero at the speed of light, this is what you have to do.

1. Batten down the hatches

It might be a month or two or ten until you have the cash you need. It is going to be a fast and furious race and you want to be prepared to weather the storms ahead. 


What are the best ways to save money?

The best ways to save money are easy once you know where savings can be made. Rather than handing money over without a second thought, pause for a minute. Think about how you could get that product for less money or for free! 

To save money, here are the best ways to be a thrifty spender.