Online surveys are a legitimate source for hustling money - if you sign up with a reputable provider. This is what it's like sharing your valuable opionion for money!

Completing surveys online or participating in market research is a legit way to get cash rewards. It works as a side hustle because companies are ready to listen to your opinion about them or their products and pay you for it too. There are not many opportunities in life where people are waiting to hear what you have to say. It’s a way to contribute to shaping something that you could very well see on the shelves in the months afterwards.   

The most valuable asset to companies is knowledge, more specifically, knowledge about the customers they want in their shop. Businesses pay a lot of money to get better understanding of the market and trends in their industry. They might want to know about your opinions on lip gloss colours, or ways you prefer to recycle. The surveys will be designed carefully to get a picture of their customers so the companies can give you what you need and want. All you need to do is read the questions and let your opinion be known. 

You can hustle some of this money through leading online research companies like Your Opinion. Joining Your Opinion is simple, quick and best of all FREE, and you can even earn $1 for each friend you refer who completes a survey. The signup process took me 4 minutes. As well as the usual contact and age information they wanted to know if I had children, household income and education level – things like that. The questions were not invasive and gave you a range of answers to select from. Once inside the website, there are options to provide further information about you in different categories e.g. banking or automotive so you can be targeted for specific surveys. 

When you’re signed up the fun begins. It was quite enjoyable to browse the topics and give my opionion on what interested me. There are options to join “live chats.” This worked like a comments section on a blog where you simply posted your response to the questions, and you got to read what everyone else had said too. It was quick and fun and you went in the prize draw to win lotsa moolah. 

Another way to give your feedback was doing votes - like those on newspaper websites. There were hundreds of these mini questionaires with a single question. I answered a few about how many times I shopped for alcholol and where I bought my chocolate by checking a box with the most accurate answer. Once again, I went into a prize draw for money. 

The real money comes in when you complete full surveys, or get selected for a focus group which can pay up to $80 per hour. You can choose whether to get paid into your paypal account (the smart choice if you want to grow your savings) or get gift vouchers sent to your phone for major retailers like David Jones or JB HiFi (useful for stocking up on Christmas gifts). Some surveys need you to test the goods. They offer product sample studies where you can review new products. I'm crossing my fingers that cake mix is sent my way. I would be only too happy to test the tasty prodcut!

Over 100,000 Australians have joined their community, helping to shape the future decisions of major international organisations. So if you have an opinion, hustle - and get paid for it!

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