Dreams remain only that unless you make them happen. Set goals, save money and win dreams.

Goal setting saves money by giving you a purpose. Without a goal it is too easy to live in the moment, spending whatever you have. With a defined goal in mind there is a good reason to keep money aside. Goal setting is the difference between having dreams and living them.   

Define your goals

To define your goals think about what you want your life to look like in six months, twelve months or five years. In six months, it might be nice to take a holiday. In twelve months, the laptop will need to be upgraded. In five years, buying a car could be a top priority. These are short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that are in reach. 

But you might have noticed that in the past six months, twelve months and five years you haven’t had the money to buy these things. You’ve wanted them but without goal setting the cash has slipped through your fingers. This is why goal setting is so important to saving money.  

Make a savings plan

If you’ve never saved money before, this is how you’re going to start. Think about the things you want to buy. Out of all of these things, pick one to be your short-term goal. It has to be something that you want badly enough to spur you into action mode. Calculate how much money you can put away every week to buy it in six months. This becomes your savings plan. Now, you have to stick to it. 

You’re going to have to start using the word ‘no’ a lot more. ‘No’ to buying the third or fourth drink. ‘No’ to sales assistant trying to sell you the more expensive jacket. When the time comes to say ‘no’ picture in your mind what it will feel like to reach the goal you set. You don’t want to let yourself down. You have to keep working towards the dream.  

Goal setting is your motivator. It sustains you while saving money. As time ticks away and dollars are regularly deposited into your savings account the gap between having dreams and living them shrinks. Then as sure as you’re reading this, there you are, living the dream: probably on a beach in Hawaii, surfing, sunbathing and sipping martinis like a god. 

Work towards your goals

We all have dreams, and they all take work. But if a dream takes only money to come true it is totally achievable. If you really wanted to be a movie star or an Olympian, you would put the work in every day to get to peak condition. With money, saving is the work. For example: making lunches at home instead of buying them, grabbing sneakers on sale instead of getting the latest design. It is consistent effort over time. With goal setting you start doing life differently. And do you know what – it feels good too.  

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