Become a tightarse. Save money. Get rich. Quick!

Knowing how to save money fast is an amazing skill. It’s a superpower for crushing debts or paying for a honeymoon. To take your savings account from zero to superhero at the speed of light, this is what you have to do.

1. Batten down the hatches

It might be a month or two or ten until you have the cash you need. It is going to be a fast and furious race and you want to be prepared to weather the storms ahead. 

2. Enlist a friend

A friend who wants to save money too is worth gold. Keep each other motivated. Share 2-for-1 meal deals. Just having someone who wants to do cheap and cheerful Friday nights with you will make sure you still love life during your savings mission.

3. Ditch the car 

Public transport is cheaper than petrol and eye-watering car parking prices. Or, reach for the helmet and get on your bike!

4. Gambling 

Gambling is a sure way to lose money for nothing in return. Avoid at all costs. Don't even make a bet on the Melbourne Cup.

5. Forget keeping up with the Joneses

It’s human nature to want to fit in with the crowd. But no one should feel pressured to have a certain car or clothes to feel accepted. Your true friends will love you regardless of the labels you’re wearing. Forget the silver Merc, driving a second hand Toyota is absolutely fine.

6. Turn off the lights

If money is what you need - and fast – the quickest way to save on bills is turn electrical appliances you aren’t using off at the walls. Microwaves, DVD players, televisions, clock radios (as if anyone even uses them anymore). If it’s cold rug up with extra layers, snuggle up to your lover and resist the electric blanket.

7. Eat-in

Restaurant’s are more or less banned while you are on an insta-saving journey. Channel your inner Curtis Stone for months of kitchen creativity.

8. Buy in bulk 

Places like Aldi and Costco are going to save you a lot of money. They are quite the shopping experience too. We hope you have extra storage space for the bargain bulk buys that will fill the trolley. 

9. Google all purchases

If you do have to buy anything new, from a t-shirt to a tux and everything else with a price tag, insist on research prior to committing to a purchase. Get online to find who sells it for less. And don’t forget eBay has literally everything at bargain basement prices.

10. Goodbye Gym 

The gym is at least $60 per fortnight when all you need to exercise is an hour and running shoes. Cancel the unnecessary contract and go for a jog outdoors. If you like circuit, boxing, zumba, barre or yoga, access professional classes for a big, fat, nothing on Youtube.

11. Renegotiate contracts

Look into the fine print of your phone, utilities and insurance contracts. If you are not locked in call up and ask them for a better deal or take your business elsewhere. 

12. Stop paying big bucks for TV

Streaming services like Netflix and Stan cost around $10 - $15 per month. One small monthly cost lets you watch on your TV, laptop and iPad. It's an acceptable expense because you will be spending a lot of time at home. And they have quality movies and series too. Pick one service abd take advantage of the free month on sign up. Streaming services offer great value for money compared to Foxtel. 

13. QUIT smoking

When a pack of sticks costs $20 there is a very good financial incentive to quit the cancer causing habit now. You know it’s bad for your health and your pocket. 

14. Cheap haircuts 

Skip the fancy salons. Find a local budget hairdresser and ask for simple trims or cuts. For colour, switch to DIY packets from the supermarket. Ladies especially will save literally hundreds of dollars a month. 

15. Travel

Fast saving won't happen if you go on a big vacay. Even if the fare frenzy seems irresistible, take comfort in the fact that there will be another sale day. While the flights might be cheap, overall you will be spending on food, accommodation and entertainment. If you do need to getaway (and sometimes you just do) save money by camping a few hours’ drive away.   

16. Entertainment

Find free ways to have fun. Are there museums that have free entry in your city? Go for walks at the botanic gardens, swim at the beach and read more. Embrace nature and entertaining at home. Read more. Study the nightime stars. Write a novel. Play board games or video games. Keep it simple and enjoy the slices of magic life offers that never need a credit card. 

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