Saving money is satisfying. Almost addictive. Using your own resources results in your independence and financial freedom. This is how to get started saving money in all areas of life.

The best ways to save money are easy once you know where savings can be made. Rather than handing money over without a second thought, pause for a minute. Think about how you could get that product for less money or for free! 

To save money, here are the best ways to be a thrifty spender.     

Barista coffee

Australia (arguably) has the best coffee in the world. It also costs upwards of $3.50 for a flat white. Learn how to brew at home instead. It’s another life skill that will get you through mornings, and hangovers and win you friends for the rest of your life.

Cleaning products

Supermarket cleaning products are pricey. But did you know that home remedies are just as effective for keeping houses fresh and house. The only reason we buy supermarket cleaning products is because we’ve been indoctrinated by decades of clever marketing campaigns. Google and Pinterest will have you sorted for cleaning products to make up home suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and removing stains for a fraction of the price. Instead of litres of chemicals you will be stocking up on cheaper alternatives like bleach, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar and eucalyptus.

Credit cards

Stop putting purchases on your credit card. If you need to use the credit card, you can’t afford the item in the first place. While we are on the topic of credit cards talk to your bank about getting a debit card instead. Debit cards use credit facilities so you can make online purchases and use pay wave at the shops, but the money comes from your own account so you don’t end up owing the bank interest. 

Expensive insurance

Each year review your insurance – for health, vehicles, home, business and travel. Sticking with the same fund year after year denies you the chance to save money! Insurance is a competitive market. Make your existing fund work to keep you, or sign up with someone offering a better deal. 


Herbs make meals delicious. Yet, fresh herbs cost a pretty penny at the supermarket. The best way to save money is to grow your own at home. Take a cutting from your kitchen, put it in a glass of water and if it thrives transfer it to a pot. With water and sunshine you’ll have your own miniature garden that is suitable even for tiny apartments. They will be free forever more.  

Home brands

When it comes to supermarket shopping, the big chains have become very good at producing groceries that are just good, if not better, than the original name brand products. Even ALDI alcohol has quietly won a few awards for its top shelf gin and vodka. Buy name brands only when the price per weight is cheaper than home brand alternatives. 

Quality clothes

Refuse to be a fashion victim. Select quality, classic items over sweat shop garb that won’t even last a season. You don’t need to buy designer, rather, look at the inside label at the seam to see if clothes are made from natural fabrics. They are better insulators that keep your body temperature regulated. Acrylics are poor quality that will pill at first wash. Uniqlo is a budget friendly option, as are outlet malls where you can find great clothes at friendly prices. 

Random stuff

Too often we buy random stuff just to fill in time, or to justify our presence to the shopkeeper. Now, saving money is replacing retail therapy. The best way to save money is to ask yourself if you really need whatever is in your hand. Chances are that magazine/cologne/ scarf can go back on the shelf. Live by the simple motto: only buy what you need. 

Skincare products

Department store beauty counters offset their designer glamour with frightening prices. The night repair kits, serums and scrubs are true marketing miracles. Regardless of the hype most of the price is going into the packaging and branding. Try turning to home remedies don’t contain the fragrances and chemicals that can irritate your skin and cost only peanuts. Or, word on the street says that ALDI alternatives are just as good and way cheaper. 


It doesn’t matter if your kryptonite is a kebab, cheesymite scrolls from the bakery or a freddo frog. Resist the hunger pangs and wait until you get home to prepare a proper meal. You will save money, and your tight jeans will thank you.

So many businesses take advantage of our desire for convenience. Gen Y has never been taught how to do things from scratch. We’ve forgotten that there are cheaper alternatives to what‘s sold at the shops. By making spending cuts across your life, you have the opportunity to put every dollar saved here and there towards something bigger, better and brighter that will make future you a whole lot happier. 

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